Sunday, April 17, 2011

I think that is my next army.

Finally! Someone is doing Hellenistic (I think they are 'close enough') pikemen.

 Now the only question is whether I am doing the army of Alexander or the Seleucids.

I find it hard to pass up the chance of an army with imitation legionaries, hypatists, cataphracts and elephants, but...


  1. Man thats an awesome Battle, I havent seen it in ages and I had forgot how savage it was.

    Alexander was a nutter!

    Plastic Macedonians look awesome too.


  2. He was - truely a man who, if he were a fictional character, would be scarcely believable.

    I love the Seleucid toolbox army, with elephants... but Alexander.

    Imagine if they provided some figs for the Indian campaigns?