Monday, April 4, 2011

Gallic Auxilia

 The painting service has been busy and delivered my new Gallic Auxilia: Two units of LF Auxilia foot and two more of S Auxiliary Slingers.
 To put some variety in the army, she coloured them as something other than red but maintained the many of the basic army colours to have them fit with the rest.
Since I see these boys as something to be used aggressively, as a counter-punch to the approaching Warbands, I've set them up using traditional tribal tactics to reflect their use as specialist troops vs their fellows. In Impetvs, they negate the Impetus bonus of enemy and they are seen here in Cuneus (wedge) formation, ready to take the fight to the enemy.


  1. Looking Good Jamie, Kudos to the Painting Service :)

    The slingers look really good, Auxilia Helmets, Celt Bodies and scratchbuilt slings?

  2. Hi Jason yes but the WF Celt sprues actually had slingers on them. I have just enough left over to have some Viking slingers.

  3. Looking good Jamie- I like the wedge formation


  4. Those wedges are really sweet. Fooking dynamic bro!;-)