Monday, March 7, 2011

Scots army progress

We* are almost done now:
 Late nights avoiding sleep gave my lovely wife an opportunity to paint some more Warlord Scots for me. Above is a unit of CL Scots Lancers (I use these for the Jinettes in the Charles V Impetus list), with their all-important skirmish screen.
 You get a couple of cool metals with the lancers, including this guy with Tartan plaid thrown over his shoulder. They will break up the grey-brown of the majority of the army nicely. They will be pressed into service vs Jason's Romans tonight - However, Andy intends to give me a game of WOTR on Thursday. WOTR!

*We, as in: my wife painted everything bar the Cuirassiers, while I just did the bases.


  1. Very nice figures, I wish my wife would paint some of my figures!!

  2. It is a danger though! I now find myself partially weighing up new purchases in light of whether she'd be willing to paint some of them. Dependancy.