Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roma Victor!

The pro-painting service has been busy at work translating the Warlord Romans into a playable army. These two bases worth were the sole painted members when Roman Honour was restored vs Jason's Germanic hordes. As befitting the Veterans of the Legions, they sat at the rear and looked on, in true Triarii fashion. I use these two as the 'proper' (VBU 6, I 2, D B) Legionaries and in my vision of the MIR checkerboard, they are there as reserve troops, once the Auxilia and younger men have had their turn. This time, no reserve was needed but those Vets look like they've seen plenty of action - possibly the survivors of the initial games?

This army was picked because she liked the idea of orderly troops and there just had to be purple units in there! So I swapped the shield decals on the Praetorians to the Auxilia ones, to allow purple shields.
 She has done their helmet crests in stripey fashion, at my suggestion and is quite taken with the Roman command models.
The Veterans also impressed. They have been simply based for now, and it is over to me to pretty them up some more! I just have a little research to do first. The pics with flash do not show them to best advantage, but it is just damn dark in our living room. On the painting table tonight is the secret weapon for the next game vs Jason...

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  1. Once again really good work from the Painting Service.

    Im looking forward to a rematch!