Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Army for Impetus (and Impetus basing)

I got two parcels from the courier this evening, shoes, and my new 28 mm Roman army for Impetus. We've been buying a lot online recently, for some reason, and we must not be alone - since the courier used to manage all deliveries by the morning. Something in the water, I guess?

Enough of that though. I was lucky to have these, they were the second to last box Maelstrom had and Warlord no longer seem to sell them at the moment. The box is a great deal and a good core to an Impetus Roman force. I am thinking of using the Middle Imperial  (post Severus) list for the Romans, though the figs obviously work for EIR as well. The big question-mark I have over the Middle-Imperial list is the Lanciarii. Phil Barker conceived of them as unarmoured skirmishers, whereas much of the evidence suggests they might just as well have been prestigious troops in a number of roles. For this reason, I will not be modelling them in mail (which is heavier and harder to move in than Segmentata anyway) but as armoured skirmishers with the Lanceus, and wearing Segmentata.
 Craig has finally broken us and we are going to give his 8cm frontage a crack up here. I am weary of the traffic jams on my 6'x4' table and reckon that base-size looks pretty good in Craig's batreps. I've done a couple of tests with the Veterans (left) and Praetorians (right) and have settled on 8cmx5cm for FP heavy foot. It will be 8cm x 4cm for S skirmishers and 8cm x 6 cm (with less figs than the FP) for LF light foot. I will play around with Cav depths once I have some models for that. I think I'll have a crack at converting some for my mandatory CM medium cav unit for the midlle Imperial list.

I am up against Jason tomorrow night using his Romans vs his Germans, should be a good opportunity to face the challenges of warband with the thin red line.


  1. Hi Jamie,

    Looks good. Damn Craig and his basing system for making sense!, I have a bruise on my palm from using my modelling knife to pry out my mini from the Liquid Nails I based them with...

    Cheers for the Game (or was that games? Its hard to tell with all this Roman Propaganda!), it safe to say the thin red (or grey lol) line was bashed about a bit, FL Elite Warband are nasty.

    Basing dimensions will work well, we had much more room to move.


  2. Yes I think the basing was clearly a success.

    As to the thin grey line, the Imperial Curia are a bit perplexed by these odd reports from the 'front'. They tell me, Imperator of all Roman territories, that as far as they can tell the sun continues to rise everyday, as it always has in the past. Further, there has perhaps been some form of statistical noise or sampling error by Imeprial intelligence services. However, they did draw me up a nice scatter graph they show me, the bright red 'trend line' seems to indicate 'Winning'.

    Hard to decipher all this scribner's babble though. Anyway must off to look important wanding around the city, awing the plebs.

    I mean, "Germania" is that even a real place?