Saturday, February 5, 2011

Test Gauls for my WOTR Wildmen of Dunland

I don't like everything GW has done with LOTR, nor was I totally sold on some of Peter Jackson's splat horror inspired imagery either. So I prefer to use historicals to represent many of the men of Middle Earth. For my 'wildmen', I decided to do something more like the way they looked in the excellent MERP.
I've gone with Wargames Factory Gauls. The upside is always that I can use these for historicals too. I don't think I could ever be a 'warband' army player in ancients games but the Camillan (aka Polybian) Romans in the very cool Impetus system actually have line-replacement and in generally look much more interesting than how they looked in the incredibly dry FOG. The last thing that someone always seems to ask for in an ancients set is to represent Cannae but I'm not quite sure that the Impetus rules can manage that  (though some of the Impetus fans who come here may correct me). Gauls (a WOTR base is 'close' enough to 28mm Impetus basing) could always fight alongside Camillan legions and I decided to make them a little more colourful than originally planned.
I'm not sure if the striking Gallic look is quite right. However, I like the way they came out.
They'll be something different on the WOTR table, at least. Do people reckon they look the part of light infantry, who strike with wild charges from ambush?


  1. They look quite colourful, but suitibly "wild" so should work well for WotR.

    I see though that by the quality and colour of your cloth, and the vast expanses of naked flesh, that the Dunlending claims to being financially impovrished by the rightful trade embargo by Rohan are false. Dunland is the pit of corruption and vice it ever was. (:P)

  2. Heh. It looks I've been pushing this 'Men of the West propaganda' shtick so long that you see me coming and get in preemptively!

    But yes, there does seem ample evidence of material wealth, not to mention art and culture - intertwined with their practice of warfare :P

    I'm glad you reckon they are ok - to be honest I could never imagine the likes of what you see in the PJ Two Towers actually surviving in the wild! THe brown wash does just enough to take the garish edge off? Or it needs 'more'?

  3. I reckon they look sweet but am looking forward to seeing them "in the flesh" tomorrow night.

    Yeah the PJ homeless bums woudl have died out in a generatuon or too. The Dunlanders most likely live much the same as the Men of Rohan, just in a crappier neighbourhood (as we righfully aquired the best land lol)