Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zvezda 1/100th plastic WW2!

Now that the days of the $17 NZD light tanks are upon us, it is interesting to see the alternatives in 1/100 and 15mm appear. I heard of people using 'Axis & Allies' prepainted plastics. Here is something else I stumbled upon in my insomniac wanderings:

This puppy (they have Pz II's, Pz IIIGs, T-26s, Sturmoviks and Stukas) sets you back a cool 2.95 Euros. The exchange rate is running at approx 1.8 NZD to Euro at the moment, so that is about $5.31 NZD for a FOW model!

Hmm. Do a paintjob with shading and highlighting, add crew figs and stowage, maybe weather it? I almost want to order some just to see if they will be serviceable.

Of course, if you wanted really cheap WWII tanks, there is always Gaming models! That frontpage isn't the most promising but I like the look of some of their Soviet stuff.

PS. It is actually part of some kind of WW2 boardgame with 1/100 markers, which they are putting out under the label of 'Art of Tactic'. (see also: Boardgamegeek) There are guns in those promo pics and BF do crew separately. 'Just Sayin'


  1. Lol, I just found this today,

    Great minds and all.

  2. Heh, that's right folks - come here first for all your hobby news scoops! :P

  3. I see a few still arrive at this post via searches - so if you were looking to get these online with free shipping: Caliver Books do them for a very reasonable 2.5 pounds ea and not shipping cost for any order over ten pounds.