Thursday, December 30, 2010

WIP $4 houses for my 15mm terrain.

This is cheating a bit, but I'll post a premature WIP as a way of answering a question on another blog: A while back Jason put me on to some cheap houses sold in local cheapie shops, in Chch. At about $4 a pop, they seemed like something worth experimenting with, even if they came in pastel shades!

Jason put his on nice big bases. However, I went for a more functional approach and put some on smaller bases, using 'no more gaps' (or rather, the cheaper Bostik alternative, the name of which escapes me) to smooth out the lines of the base that the houses come with. I have yet to get any actually finished, but here is how the first batch (my awesome wife got me five more today, since I was actually making some progress with the other ones!) is looking.
 They have had a coat of black spraypaint, the base painted brown with housepaint, grey housepaint drybrushed quickly over the stones with a kid's paintbrush, and then the tiles and thatch quickly painted. Thatch looks a bit too bright on some of them, so I'll go easier on the drybrushes next time. I expect the final phase, painting some of the details (and tidying up the endges of the basecoats), will take much longer and so some more procrastination might be in order. Still they now look a heck of a lot better on the table than they did as pastels!

(Edit) My wife tells me the name of the of the store is 'Maxi-Out' or 'Max-Out.' It has red and white signage.  

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  1. They are coming along nicely- I'll have to look out for them next time I'm in CHCH! Dale got a few nice churches a few years ago from the $2 shop but I've not seen them since.