Thursday, December 2, 2010

WHFB Army assemblage

I had to miss club tonight, doing parental duty (Chris and I both refer to it as 'babysitting', we are terrible, terrible people :P ). Chris was looking for a league game, with his army specially designed to counter everything observed in the rest of the 'powergamer quartet's' armies. I'll blog that batrep, another day.

Jason is forging ahead with his band of Remans but I've managed some progress with the Imperial province of....

Here is the assembled army so far: Cannon and crew on the left, Allor the Amber Wizard beside them, then pistoliers and handgunners. In the middle is the mighty pike block (which Jason has demonstrated is somewhat prone to being wiped in a single turn) and another handgunner detachment and the two mortars to the right.

Closer-up, you can see some of the fruits of a little painting my wife has begun while chatting to me as I assemble the soldiers. I like the way they have come up and think we will persist with that scheme.

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