Saturday, December 18, 2010

FOW at the Cavs 16/12/10 my game and the league update.

We had four good games of FOW going at the Cavs this week:

I neglected to take a photo of the Poochie vs Josh (the newest addition to the club). Josh has some German infantry with StuG support and he went down to Poochie's Veteran Rifles.

 Jason's great Rota list (so great that it was pretty much what I was taking too, until I found out he was taking it!) rolled over Stephen S's Canadian Rifles.
 Chris C's Grenadiers with Kingtiger eventually took down Simon's Germans with StuGs, after what was quite a cagey battle.
 I was up against Rick in Encounter. That is my deployment at the bottom. We set Rick up with 2x Tiger I, 2x Gren plts, HQ mortars and a pair of Pak 40s. I had HQ + 2x Gren plts, 3x Brummbars, 1x Tiger I, 3x Panzerwerfer42s aka the mobile mg list of doom! Both of our objectives ended up facing each other, so we didn't end up bothering with that 1/3 of the board to the left of the pic. Rick wanted to push up his left flank (right of pic) but was stymied by the Brummbars, which are on the reverse slope of that hill. They move 8" and shoot 16" so exert a 24" threat radius.
 He watched out for them, but couldn't really do anything to stop my tinny dice! I rolled my own Tiger up into the village (not area terrain) and slotted one Tiger at extreme range. Who needs tactics when you can just roll sixes?
 Yes, I was as cocky as that last sentence implied. I kept the Tiger well forward, hoping to use it to help the Panzerwerfers break the infantry holding the middle objective, so I could steal it and then see off his reserves. However, he got his reserves right away and of course they are actually pretty likely (2/3) to arrive in the flank of that Tiger. He throws two 75mm shells my way and takes the Tiger out. That'll learn me.
 So what happens then? Rick's turn to be cocky - he tries his luck with the Brummbars. They roll up, two dice needing sixes and one needing five, two hits and he fails the armour save. Somewhere there is a Tiger factory where they just put paper-mache and tinfoil on the hulls, and somehow we both got supplied from that same factory.
Rick doesn't give up. He keeps his infantry fighting for the objective but isn't able to stop 1.5 platoons of infantry, Panzerwerfer bombardments and three Brummbars. 5-2 for me. Cheers Rick, a good lighthearted and aggressively played battle all round. 'Its a game of skill!' (Tui bill-board seen on the way back from the club, honest.)

As I understand it, current league results are:
Josh: 3 losses
Poochie: 2 wins
 Jason: 2 wins 1 draw
Chris:  C 2 wins, 1 loss
Me 4 wins
Stephen S: 2 losses
Rick: 1 loss
Andy: 2 losses
Adam: 1 draw, 1 loss

I am down to play Simon next Thurs. And I really need to fit in a game vs Jason to sort us out.


  1. I'm pretty sure that Poochie kicked my ass. So I should be 1 draw 1 loss.

    Thanks for the BatReps Jamie, nice job!

  2. Aha! Bikewrench would be Adam? Cheers for the correction, I'll fix the post.

  3. Looks like the comp is going well Jamie


  4. Yeah, it is. Plenty of guys involved and a nice rotation of opponents and missions.

    I'll have to slow up in terms of my games though, I think I might be a bit too much of a wargaming junkie for the rest!