Friday, December 10, 2010

Battle report FOW @ The Cavs 11/12/10 (League game 1)

My lovely wife removed the camera from my pile of stuff to take to the club, so no pictures of the game. Sorry.

I played Andy in a Fighting Withdrawal at the Cavs, last night. His list was Wiking SS Panzergrenadiers, which is a 'Fearless Trained' list. He had: HQ + 2 'shrek, plus 2x PzGren platoons, all in half-tracks. This was supported by a pair of 8-Rad armoured cars and a trio of Panthers. I had HQ + 2 platoons of Grenadiers, three Panzerwerfers with loaders, three Brummbars, and a Tiger I. We rolled the dice, and Andy got to attack.

I was defending a board side with a village on the right flank, a wood in the middle, and a long hill on the left flank. Andy's side of the board had a big hill that let him see over that long hill, but I was able to hide over on the right flank - behind the village and trees. I put my objective (the permanent one) in the middle, Andy put one of his on each flank. So I defended the leftmost one with a Grenadier platoon and the Tiger I (Rapid Fire) lurked to their right, behind the hill. I contested the middle one with my Panzerwerfers, while the other Grenadier platoon and the HQ teams contested the one to the right, with teams scattered back through the village to cover the central (permanent) one with fire. Brummbars were in ambush.

Andy chose to focus on the one he placed to the right of the village, and ignore the one to the left. He pushed up rapidly with all his force and set the Panthers up on his big hill. Recce raced up, with a recce move and then another move forward. He hoped to deny me a forward ambush, but I just placed the Brummbars at the back, concealed by buildings and angled to cover the rightmost wood with their mgs. My return fire was pretty effective, a full volley of rockets from the Panzerwerfers ranged in on a pair of Panthers and caught both of his infantry platoons as well. I killed three infantry teams and a Panther!

Andy was undeterred and pushed the one platoon that unpinned up with the recce and the HQ teams to try and quickly knock my Grenadiers out of the wood and take and hold that objective, with his infantry AT to fend off my armoured counter-attack. Unfortunately, he is a trained attacker, and I am a Veteran defender. Even without 'gone to ground' status (lifted by the Recce) he could not get the pin and my defensive fire was devastating. It didn't help matters that my 2iC turned out to have taken command of the Brummbar platoon and ordered them to join in defensive fire - and one assault gun could draw a line to one charging team. My response was again another Panzerwerfer bombardment, as well as some rifle fire from my troops at his infantry. Andy just couldn't pass saves in this part of the game and lost more infantry teams. Worse, his Panthers had approached the village and the Brummbars pushed forward and blasted one at close range, killing it - I love trained targets :)

In turn three, I withdrew the infantry platoon on the leftmost objective. Andy decided to race his remaining Panther over there to seize it, but I also moved my tiger back to contest it, if necessary. He moved both infantry platoons up on my defensive positions, and made a rash assault with the survivors of the first platoon. That assault was beaten off and the attackers all killed. He had some teams in the village now though. I lobbed some rockets his way, but did not do much. He had started to have average, rather than poor dice again.

Realizing that he wasn't going to be able to take the leftmost objective, Andy pulled his Panther back to the right once more, and killed a Pazerwerfer at long range. He also managed an infantry assault on my Brummbars, with the Company command team joining in. However, there was just too much interlocked defensive fire in that town, and he was beaten off. I responded by firing a platoon of Brummbars at the remnants of the assaulting platoon, who lurked in nearby houses.... three Bunker Busters killed none, and we removed the top-story of the house to simulate the ruin that would have remained after that shelling! I also could reach his recce with my Panzerfaust and shot at it (the platoon had already withdrawn from a Panzerwerfer bombardment that turn) and killed it.

The next turn, Andy was down to a shell of an army: One team in an infantry platoon, the CiC, a Panther and an armoured car. The Panther approached the town but there was little that his infantry could achieve. My Withdrawal that turn (five) was the Panzerwerfers, I moved my Tiger up and got a flank shot (a kill!) on the Panther, while my infantry in the would 'tank stalked' the armoured car and also got a kill on the CiC. It was all over for Andy (who the dice had hated) and a 6-1 to me.

In other league games:
Chris C played Josh (win to Chris. All Credit for Chris for attacking in a Hasty Assault)
Keith played Rick (win to Keith)
Poochie played Adam (win to Poochie, after a lot of indecisive mg fire from both sides)

I have a 2500pt WOTR game planned tommorrow vs Martin. I will be taking the grand army of the reunited Kingdom, including one Blue Wizard, Morinethar, returned from the East. I can just barely fill out an army to those points by enrolling all the Carn Dum infantry (played as Warrirs of Minas Tirith) and the Seige bows (played as crappy bolt throwers) into the broad assortment of men of middle earth, who fight under the High-King's banner. I'll have to make sure to have photos of that epic clash!

Above is my newly painted 'Saruman the White', who I will be using (his statline) for the Blue-Wizard Morinethar.

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