Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some WOTR Progress

A game of WOTR is always a good excuse to get part of the army project done.

I've had a unit of Rohan Cavalry half rebased for some time, so I did the paintng on them last night and sorted the grass and flock this morning. Here is the outcome, led by their Captain for the upcoming battle, Faramir:

The first installment of the report from the frontlines of the ongoing epic battle between good and evil will follow tomorrow,


  1. They look good Jamie, though as I said it saddens me that you have more painted Rohan then I do!

    They also looked good smashing through my Uruks too!

  2. It was at the point that you were trying to convince me to give you these as well, that I thought I better at least get them painted - to establish they were MINE! :)