Monday, November 29, 2010

Batrep 28/11/10 1000pts Reunited Kingdom vs Isengard

Jason + kids dropped by on Sunday so we could reprise our ongoing Good vs Evil clash, while still doing our share of the 'supervising'. We've been swinging back and forth on this matchup ever since Jason got into WOTR. Last time King Elessar and his soldiers crushed the Uruks in an away game, but could they manage to translate the home field advantage into a repeat of that? In sporting terms, these are the 'Test' rather than the 'Exhibition' matches. This time would be our first of these clashes using our new house-rules. The key rules for this matchup were:

All of my warriors become 30pts! Aaargh. But my Allied Rohan Cav (which I had just rebased) now count as having lances; Epic Strike now only gives base fight + 2, so 'I can't believe it's not Thrydan' and Faramir are much less deadly in duels; also crossbow cannot Heroic Shoot; and Will of Iron works on a 3+, which will hopefully be very helpful vs Saruman and the Ruin Shaman Jason was packing in his list. Jason won the roll off and elected to deploy second.
Here are the Isengard battle lines. Up on that hill (top) is a unit of three Uruk coys with Shields. That big block of six at the back is a unit of six Orcs with 2HW and a Ruin Shaman (Dark Fury FTW). The unit of three coys lined up in front of them are Uruk Xbows, led by the Beige Wizard himself. The flank to the bottom/right of hi line is held by another unit of three Uruks with Shields... and four coys of Feral Uruks, with 'Thrydan' inside, lurk somewhere in ambush (I wonder where?).
There. A convenient capacity four forest, right in my deployment zone. The only other place could be a capacity six forest, which you can see half of up to the top-left of this pic.

Here are the heroes of the Reunited Kingdom. I have taken leave of my senses and brought along a legendary formation, just to do something 'different'. Starting at the bottom - four coys of the brave veteran warriors of Ithilien (MT wars), led by Faramir; Beregond and the White Company (Grey Coy) three coy strong; a line of four coy of the Warriors of Eriador (MT Wars, and the only guys dressed for the weather), led by King Elessar himself, strung out in a long line to the front; behind them are five coys of Riders of Rohan and then five coys of the Axemen of Lossarnach.
(picture above is between my and Jason's moves) Terrain was pretty important to my plan, so I used priority to go first. My line shifted to one side, the White Company ran for the ruin in the middle and occupied, Faramir left the Ithilien Warriors to Join the Rohan Cav, the Ithilien Warriors occupied the wood (where the ambush was almost certain to be), while Faramir led the Rohirrm around the other flank (screened from missiles/spells by the hill and ruin), joined by Elessar and the Warriors of Eriador. The Axemen of Lossarnach slowly bring up the rear. The forces of Isengard are unable to be joined by their ambushers turn one, so the xbows advance, hoping to dominate the center of the board with fire next turn (no Heroic Shoot for them!). They are however packing a walking artillery piece and Saruman smashed the White Company with a fireball, killing over half a coy. The White Coy Heroic Shoot back, but are only armed with bows, so just kill a couple of Uruk xbows. There are no charges for turn one.On Turn two, I get priority and opt to go second. the Ambushers arrive (bottom right of picture, picture taken at start of our moves). They have to deploy outside of the forest, so opt to set up with it between them and the rest of my force. In his move, Jason sends the Beige Wizard into the Ferals and then begins to pound the Warriors of Ithilien with spells, before they can flee the wood. He Shatters their shields, then his focus fails him (no doubt distracted by the ravings of the demented Uruks). Jason largely leaves the rest of his deployment intact, but brings the edge of the 2HW Orcs up the side of the hill, so that their Shaman can also lob a spell at the White Company, who Will of Iron... only to fail. In my move, the forces of the Reunited Kingdom, led by their brave heroes, race up that flank, ready to charge the Uruk's who protect it. The Axemen of Lossarnach continue to slowly bring up the rear, while the Warriors of Ithilien exit the wood... only to be hit by crossbow fire from the waiting Uruks, losing half a coy. The White Company where all set up to nail the ambushing Ferals, but are only armed with bows, so just kill a couple. Above you can see the outcome of the move phase. Elessar intends to charge up his side of the hill, while Faramir intends to use the path between the cliffs to to get at the Uruks (though he will hit their front). Will they be successful in turning the flank before the Feral mincer goes to work? Second half report to follow, tomorrow.

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