Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOTR Faq updated

I am perhaps a little slow on the uptake, but their faq can be a little non-obvious to locate.

GW have revised the WOTR FAQ as of September. Confirming that the literal reading of the text was correct for Overlord (ie the rule says nothing about requiring a hero) is a useful addition. There are a range of useful little changes scattered in there to. I think that Heroic Fight being able to beat an enemy duel (if the player wins the roll off) could prove quite important for some matchups. I also like that they have stated that monsters count as a full VP, rather than just a single company (ie 1/3 VP).

I had to laugh when I read some of them, for example:

Q. Can Aragorn use his ‘Epic Journey’ to move immobile
formations, such as Artillery? (p104)
A. No.
Seriously, some players though they could use it to teleport Trebuchets? I liked this one too:

Q. Can Murin’s Guard use ‘Lock Shields!’ while their
shields are broken by the ‘Shatter Shields’ magical power
(either for the rest of the turn if the result was 2-5, or for
the rest of the game if the result was 6)? (p136)
A. No.
Arguing that you can use an ability called 'lock shields', when you have lost your shields, seems a pretty impressive example of rules lawyering to me!

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