Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My official Conquest announcement

Well since there is no WOTR for Conquest afterall (no Conquest, no Comics mini-events, but at least I got the army done! )

I will be entering the FOW competition. It will be mainly to get some games in vs a few out of towners I quite enjoy playing. I know nothing about the comp, except that it is 1750 LW.

Here is the list I will be taking:
(Hammer & Sickel Tankovy CT)
HQ T-34/85
10xT-34s, w 5x85mm upgrades and tankos.
9xT-34s, w 5x85mm upgrades and Dedov
3xDecoy Panthers
Full Razvedki platoon in captured German halftracks.

The Panthers in the list seem to loom large in the minds of som, but I say they are not so tough!

That is one confident Panther

who misplaced his faith in those Razvedki

I'll take some pics of the army on Friday, once I have done some more touch ups on it. I've left things pretty late.

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