Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conquest 2010

In response to Kruger's question in comments:

The RKKA emerged overall victorious this afternoon. The record was.

1. Me vs Pooch - FW 5-2
2. Me vs Dave D -BT 5-2
3. Me vs Kent Enc 3-2 draw (it went over three hours IIRC)
4. Me vs Dave E BTA 4-3 (BTA = Breakthrough Assault from Stalin's Onslaught)
5. Me vs Stephen S FFA 6-1

In the encounter, it was a pretty relaxed game and I was basically on auto-pilot. Kent wasn't willing to go after me, and I wasn't willing to throw trained tanks with H&C in front of Panthers - though it might well have worked if I could have killed the Panzerwefers before he killed the T-34s.

My game vs Dave E was the only game I can remember where I think the 4-3 result is a fair reflection.

I did two FD moves this tournament (FW and BTA), and rolled '1s' both times.

Of note is Stephen S's new Irish Guards list. If he had played it differently, hanging back his tanks in concealment and using the Typhoons to force me to come to him, I'd have struggled. So 6-1 flatters me quite a bit. Once he practices with that, I think he could consistently do well. I hope he sticks with it.

All that said, BF points are stupid and meaningless. I got four wins and a draw. Never played Craig, who got 2nd. He says he could have played for a draw vs Pooch, but it looked to me like they were locked in a death grip (which could have gone either way, actually) and they'd have been calling it when there was still plenty of time for them to use. If Craig had beaten Pooch, he would have been the clear winner on 5 wins, no losses. Personally, I don't think that Axis-Allies is the best idea when it means that we get to not play each other.

Still, I took my prize from Tim, shook his hand and said 'funny how that works out'. Afterall, I entered only after my wife pointed out that even though there was no WOTR, I had nothing better to do that weekend!


  1. We played for more than 2 1/2 hours and carried on to get a result- it could have gone either way but in the en luck swung towards Poochie. However you played vs Kent and called for a draw when you decided you couldn't take out 4 panthers with at least 1/2 an hour of standard time to go :( To my mind that should not be worth an extra victory point.

    Giving a bonus point for drawing is silly IMO a draw and a loss should both score either 1 or 0 as both are losses.

    Apart from that no issues with the weekend, just the numbers being a disappointment.

    Maybe do a similar draw for the first 4 rounds and the final round work on points and placings (and make sure that players who have fought already don't fight).

    4x 6-1 wins and a 3-4 loss where we both went for a win so was happy with my results. However, I knew that Stephen S had to take you down to stand a chance in that last round and was gutted to watch him throw away every advantage the Shermans had by giving up that hill (concealed, range, firefly re-rolls) and so squander his advantage vs your force :(

    Well done though- that game you had on the Breakthrough Assault looked like an epic and gave you a well deserved win for the comp.


  2. Craig, Kent called for the draw. Not me. I was enjoying myself and quite happy to keep going but was not going to play the game the way Kent wanted just to finish it.

    We played for more than the standard time, our game started quite early.

    I'm sorry you keep pointing out that I got a result I shouldn't have from that game. I had no idea at all the result would matter from the game, afterall it is not like I was even expecting to do well at a Conquest. So when Kent said he wanted to call it a draw, I was just tired and a bit stiff, we had played for a long time, and I gave him what he asked for.