Friday, September 3, 2010

Not my own content, but for once a guide where I agree with (almost) everything.

War of the Ring is not quite at the place there are examples of solidly vetted tactics guides for the armies. Generally, you can find plenty of threads where players offer nothing more insightful that "your army would be better with Khamul in it." There are more fully developed examples out there. However, they are patchy at best and don't inspire me with faith that their authors have really had to test their stuff vs good players.Now, in lieu of something from myself (I have been busy and ill, honest!), I can at least point others in the right direction.

I stumbled across this last night:

Fear and Loathing on the Tabletop

He is apparantly a poster at Warseer but I don't think it can be under that blog's author tag - Dark Millenium. (I have a pretty good idea who it will be though, rational thinkers tend to stand out like a sore thumb on a forum!)

It is a very solid guide. It covers all the units, combos of units and abilites, and also considers allies. Its one ommission is that it does not include Battlehosts. However, that is a pretty fair ommission since it is questionable how worthwhile battlehosts are in most cases - though he has the same brilliant idea as me as regards Dunland. I think he undersells Spectres (though this has a lot to do with him not covering Battlehosts), sure they cost heaps but dropping str by 1 will often halve the damage enemy units put out and they can have Wraiths in them to use 'Wings of Terror' to swing around flanks and sheild the futher. If you are taking the Battlehost, which he is not, then you might as well make the best of a bad situation.

So anyone starting out with Angmar should definitely aquaint themselves with his good work. A lot of careful thought clearly went into the guide, and it is comprehensive. It is a shame that all that hard work isn't reaching the audience it probably should.

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