Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New basing scheme

I've been splitting my effort over a number of fronts this week. Here's something I've actually finished - I should have some based up Carn Dum warbands to add to it after the weekend. This is the 'Axemen of Lossarnach' unit from my (even rougher) Ithilien army. They are part of the feudal levies of Gondor detailed to assist the Prince of Ithilien in scouring the East. I made mine out of Warriors of Minas Tirith with spears, with the device removed from the shields and an axehead added to the polearms.

I just rebased these this week using the simple and quick to do scheme above. I was getting sick of them getting knocked around in the army case, so I've permanently fixed them to something solid. Then it was 'No more gaps', stones from the driveway, house paint and some static grass. This was on my long-term 'to do list', but I've hurried it up, since a mate is borrowing the army again this week. I'm just getting the hang of how to do this efficiently, so I'll have to see what else I can scrounge to pretty up the bases a little. At least I eschewed my traditional snow scheme, for once!


  1. Looking good Jamie.

    You can do a lot more with that style basing, it looks much more animated than the "official" system. A D8 is all you need to keep track of casualties and it is a lot less hassle transporting troops.

    Will you do the same with your Vikings?

    Bark chip makes good rock too, just paint a layer of PVA before painting it, protects it from chipping which is the main problem with bark.

    Finally, maybe some clump foliage or something to represent bushes/scrub?

    Can't wait to see the entire army done!


  2. Thanks for the tip about the PVA on fragile wood Craig.

    Another thing I was considering is twigs as fallen logs, and bits of flat plastic as marble flagstones, in places. That should look appropriate for Ithilien forces?

    I will not be re-basing the Vikings, nor will I base the Uruks this way, or my upcoming Celts. The historicals are being kept individual for maximum flexibility in terms of just using quickly made sabot bases of various sizes. The Uruks will then have to match this scheme.

  3. Those basing ideas sound good.

    I've used sticks as logs in the past- just don't buy woodlands scenics deadfall logs- pick up your own :)

    You have almost convinced me to do my goblins on proper sized bases for WoTR- the figures look that animated on the bigger bases.

    However, you put forward a good reason not to base other armies this way