Sunday, September 12, 2010

Batrep 11/09/10 WOTR 1000pts Ithilien vs Galadrim (Andy) Pt 1.

Andy dropped by and gave me a game of WOTR last night. 1000pts of his Galadrim vs my Ithilien, including my new allied Rohirm.

Andy took: Galadriel and Thranduil (seen here deployed in longbows bottom left), four companies of Galadrim with Glaives (left back), four companies with longbows (bottom left), four companies with longbows (right), two companies with longbows (far right).

I took: Faramir, Prince of Ithilien (deployed in Men-at-Arms bottom right), four companies of veteran Men-at-Arms (bottom right), his White company bodyguard three companies strong (next along the line from Men-At-Arms), three companies of bowmen (next long line top left), Elphir of Dol Amroth (Isildur, deployed in Archers), then second row - six companies of Knights of Ithilien with shields and Hornblower (right), four companies of Ithilien Lancers (on hill), five companies of Rohirim Heavy Cavalry (second rank, behind bow and beside lancers on hill) Elfwine (Erkenbrand, deployed in Rohirim).Seeing as Andy was going as Elves, I suggested we play 'Battle for the pass' deployment, to start our armies further away and give him a (somewhat more) credible chance of protecting flanks vs all that Cav. Here is end turn one: The Elves stand and pour longbow fire into the advancing army of Ithilien. The Cavalry were screened by the foot at the front, so Andy focused his fire on the Bowmen. He rolled really well and almost brought the unit down to a level where they would have succumbed to 'hope is lost' and run, taking Elphir with them. Andy went first, which he came to regret after he realised that this meant he could not both move back and keep me in spell-range, lesson learned! Thranduil and Galadriel both cast whatever magic they can cast, which is only one spell between them. Andy's magic dice were cursed all game. Turn two: Sees the Ithilen advance continued. The Elves back off slightly to keep sufficient spacing to hold off an end of turn charge and, since they go second, get spells this time. They fail to achieve anything. My Cavalry, now confident the Elves intend to maintain the full line, have raced to mass on my left flank. Elphir abandons the luckless Bowmen and joins the Ithilien Lancers. With my moves, the angling of the remaining archers and that hill top-right, the Cavalry remain fully screened.

Turn three to follow in pt. 2. The lines are now close enough for some action, but will the Elves stand and fight, or fall-back once more?

Continued in part 2.

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