Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wargames facgtory is doing Orcs (and Dwarves. so far)! They are looking pretty good too. More footsoldiers to add variety to my Angmar army? It's a shame the bow ratio will be low, I'll have to get creative.

They'll definiteyl have to upscale their distribution at this rate. My Celts (Wildmen of Dunland) took a while to dispatch, but are coming now. I'm pretty enthused by them as well, but don't want to end up with some backlog of figures slowly making there way here... it kind of puts you 'behind the 8-ball' when the purchasing discussion turns toward "haven't you got x sitting around unpainted though?"


  1. Hope that the quality has improved. Not a fan of their earlier stuff (I've Numidians, vikings and some Germans) as they are very stilted poses. If they were Warlord Games I'd buy them in a heart beat :)

    Will keep an eye out though and see how they look.

    Have you seen the Mantic dwarves?


  2. Yeah their poses aren't the most flash, but I like their style in terms of details. I hate the look of Mantic Dwarves btw. I think they definitely do what they want them to do (look distinctive and paint quickly) but just look far too blocky and GWish for me.

    The prototypes above look ok and the 'Hour of Wolves and Shattered shields' guy gave their Vikings a pretty favourable review. Still, now you've made me see the stilted poses lol. Oh well, I'll see how the full sprues turn out.