Saturday, September 4, 2010

500pt Angmar Assembled

Here we go, just on time to be finished by Father's Day (the beginning of phase two). This is the 500pt Army of Angmar all assembled and ready to do battle the next time Tim runs one of his 'Saturday Skirmishes' for WOTR at his store, Comics Compulsion.
Since it is 500pts,the army is not exactly complex: There is one formation of Carn Dum Warband @ four companies strong (left) -120pts, another formation of Carn Dum Warband @ five companies strong (centre) -150pts, their leader the Dwimmerlaik (centre foreground) -125pts and a formation of two Carn Dum Siege bows (right) -100pts.

Phase two will be to take the Mordor Troll Jason owes me as Buhrdur (too big, but this is a rough 'budget' army), add another Ringwraith, the 'King' of Carn Dum, add another five companies of Carn Dum Warband and another Siege bow and call it 1000pts.

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