Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remade unofficial missions for Flames of War

Playing the 'standard' six missions (not a fan of roadblock) can get a bit stale, and BF's efforts to introduce new missions to the mix have been of dubious success. Hasty Assault seems to biased towards the defender and Breakout has led to some horrible mis-matches between unready players. Playtesters assure us that is simply lack of experience - perhaps it is, but they say that about Hasty Assault as well, and I see little real evidence to back up those claims. I've won that mission as attacker, and lost as defender, but always through breaking the defender's army. In that mission the attacker is almost always going to be attacking into the defenders full strength, with inially less force, and the defender gets to shoot first and has an ambush...

Anyway, several of the 'unofficial' (ie fan-made) missions have be re-released in up-to-date format. These include a very good mix of 'Hold the Line' and 'Breakthrough', with limited fortifications thrown in. We've played this several times down here and I'd recommend it to anyonelooking for an additional FOW mission. Yes it is by the same Craig C on my blog list.

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  1. Ha, I'm famous!

    We played Road Block at Southcon and it was quite good fun from what I saw (it was the only mission I missed). I intend to try it a bit more and see how it goes, there were some very close games with it at the comp.

    I'm starting to get the FoW itch again, but not really for Late War- might have to round up Dale for a game or two