Monday, August 9, 2010

More Soviets!

Via 'Zach' from the Flames of War forum (reporting from Gencon):
The germans in the book are in their lists are confident veterans. There are 3 Hungarian lists 2 tank lists and one Infantry list both of which are rated at Confident Veterans. There sadly was only 1 Romanian list and it was a infantry(rifle) company in the copy I saw and it was rated at Regular so the randomness is still there for them. There were several russian lists and the three german lists I remember were Motorised, Tank, and Infantry. Im sorry I didnt get more pics but there were so many people goin let me see it it was a pain I didnt really notice any new minis but Im sure they were there. Also the both books were spiral bound due to them not being actual copies but prototypes. I was told that the Stalins Europe would be a hardback but to me it didnt seem like it had enough in it for that.
More Soviets! latewar Axis! The joy! The exclamation marks! This is rumoured for November, and while it is in lovely spiral binding, the finished copy will still be bound using the traditional flour and water.

That said, I am still not quite clear why the last set of Eastern Front releases were some Soviets, some random German companies, approximately one hundred different versions of the SS, Finns, and nothing at all on some of the most significant belligerants in the entire war.


Better late than never, I guess, and to be fair it likely reflects figure releases more than anything else.

Oh, and more latewar Soviets!

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