Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carn Dum Command

These three are the command elements for my 1000pt army of Angmar, Epic Heroes all. To the left is the 'King' (though all know the Witch-King is the true power) of Carn Dum. In the centre is the Witch-King of Angmar, though 200pts is a bit rich for a 1000pt army, and he will be the Dwimmerlaik instead methinks - afterall that is what Eowyn called him before she fulfilled Glorfindel's prophecy and laid him low. To the right is his lieutenant, the Ringwraith known as 'the Tainted'. Both of those Wraiths will be fielded using my standard practice for these models - only mastery 2 rather than 3. The 'King' of Carn Dum will use the statline of Thrydan Wolf'sbane and so take up part of the army's allies allocation. Jason uses this staline to field an Uruk cheiftain, at least mine is a man! The Witch-King/Dwimmerlaik is perhaps a little underpowered in the spell department @ mastery 2, but I reason he is concealing the full extent of his power (which grows along with that of Sauron), to confuse the wise as to his master's return to middle earth.

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