Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick and dirty Ents

I don't really like the GW plastic Ent (though the metal Treebeard is 'ok'). Since I don't have the Stockholm syndrome that seems to afflict many GW gamers, 'heavily converting' an existing model seemed a bit pointless. Luckily I found this handy tutorial on how to make Ents out of sprue and 'hot glue'.

So all it is is plastic frames hotglued together, then more hotglue applied over the top. Then you add a little scenic stuff, left-over foliage from trees, stone from drive-way, spakka-filla, that kind of thing, then paint and ink, and you are done. Cost was pretty negligible there.

Ents make a useful monster for the 'Good' side. They can ambush in trees and are strong and tough. Unfortunately, they just die to any ruin spellcaster they meet. Odd really that Saruman just sat up on his balcony, if he had only used some of that magic he'd have stopped the march of the Ents in 8 turns, easily.

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