Monday, July 5, 2010

First formations

Finally got the first formation assembled and undercoated. This is six of the intended eleven companies for the 500pt force. Two companies of siege bows, four companies of warband, with command figures modelled, and their leader - the dread Witch King himself. Of course, at the 500pt level there will be no upgrades to command options and the Witch King will be impersonated by a lesser Nazgul. Still, they will add to the look.

I decided today that I will be basing them using the proper WOTR movement trays and ordered three packs as a starter for the army, I bet Tim was dissapointed the order was so small! Unlike my Ithilien forces, I want to be able to use these figs in other games, so cannot just attach them all to the base, which was my other option. I want something a little better looking than my first utilitarian style for the Ithilien army. The GW bases should allow me to make it prettier while protecting the bases from damage as I play.

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