Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That was quick

My new Gripping Beast Hirdmen arrived today. The third box is safely hidden away, awaiting Father's day. This lot will be enough to achieve the first 500 pts of the army, based around a core of nine companies of fierce Carn Dum warbands. That's 72 out of the 89 figs there. Another 6 for the deadly siege bows and a few to carry over to part 2. of the army.

It's a lot of sprues and fiddly assembling. The box is four of the one sprue. Those geniuses who think they want all multi-parts for the LOTR range are nuts. I had my LOTR figs out of the box and underpainted in no time. Still, the figs themselves look great, plenty of options on the sprue and an interesting design. I am looking forward to playing around with them.


  1. I look forward to following their progress Jamie.

    Although a bit fiddlier than GW they are worth it IMO!

    Good luck


  2. Lol, they better be, they are slow going at the moment!

    Shouldn't complain though, Charlotte reckons she'd like to help paint, which means I might actually make my August deadline.